Internal Regulation

To continue to ensure the proper functioning of the enclosure, the normal coexistence and respect to people and facilities, standards collected here will be enforced by the users of the Coworking space.
 Its acceptance is a prerequisite for the use of Coworking Space.


The space is open daily from 7.00 am to 23.00 pm all year-round.


Prior to the use of the space, clients can collect their access cards at the Tecnopole reception service.
The space can be rented by day or by monthly payment.
  1. Upon acceptance of the Internal Regulation and the acceptance of its request for access, clients must make effective the advance payment of the rate.
  2. For monthly clients, the payment will be done preferably by bank transfer or deposit account.
  3. In the case of daily clients, for practical reasons, payment may be effective in the Tecnopole reception service.
Completed the use of the Coworking space, users must return their access card.
The entrance to the space will not be allowed to any user out of the established working hours.
As it is a Coworking area, access will not be permitted to any user that does not respect the conventional rules of personal hygiene.


Users can park their vehicle in enabled areas in the Tecnopole premises, except the reserved parking. They should facilitate their number plate.


External visits should be identified in the Tecnopole access control post and not interfere nor will prevent the work of other users of the Coworking space, using therefore, common areas or places enabled (meeting rooms) for that purpose.


The building and the premises of Tecnopole are placed under video-camera surveillance according to the rules applicable.


Tecnopole reception service, located in the CEI building, can pass notices to users of the Coworking space via email and receive packages or mail, during the stay contracted by users and if so is indicated in advance.


Users who need to install any equipment necessary for their activity in the space must request it previously to Tecnopole by electronic mail at the following address: and wait for the corresponding authorization.


Damage caused in the area and its furniture and facilities caused by misuse or an irresponsible use of the same will be responsibility of the users.
The cleaning of the area shall be borne by the company that performs the service in Tecnopole I Building but require correct behaviour of the user. In the event of negligence Tecnopole reserves the right to act accordingly.


Users in the area, like the rest of the users of the Tecnopole I Building, should follow the safety and emergency plan of the centre.


Once approved the request, users will have the right to use services that are included in the rate:
  • Workplace:
    • Individual desk equipped with two drawers.
    • Access to the shared meeting room located in the Coworking space.
    • Space on the shared shelf of the room.
    • Wi-Fi.
    • Air conditioning, light, and cleaning.
  • Use of independent meeting rooms (if you opt for the monthly rent, you will have the right to use the meeting room once free of charge).
  • Access Control.
  • Car Park near the building on the premises of the Tecnopole.
  • Video surveillance service
  • Video surveillance service
  • Reception Service (mail collection and email alerts).
  • Access to extra services at low cost: video projector, photocopier, scanner, etc. (check rates here).
  • Place for relations with high added value. Gain visibility, establishing contacts and leave your influence:
    • Space shared with other professionals related to your profiles and potential to establish synergies.
    • Proximity to Technology centres and about a hundred of companies within the premises.
    • Proximity to Technology centres and about a hundred of companies within the premises.
  • The posts will be filled according to order of arrival of the users.
  • Tecnopole is not responsible for the personal belongings of users.
  • Once finished the contracted time, the post must be left completely free. Tecnopole is not responsible for forgotten documentation or equipment or materials of any kind.
  • A user for job post: the use of post is nominal, non- transferable, is not permitted to assign or subrogated to a second person (still belonging to the same company) the post of the area or simultaneous use by third parties. As this is a Coworking area, the presence of its users is essential. In order to respect flexibility and the objective of this service, when the used area is hired on a monthly basis Tecnopole may require a minimum on-site use not allowing prolonged periods of absence.
  • Though it may be obvious, the activity developed in the workplace must be legal.
  • In the event of irregularities by the users, Tecnopole reserves the right to act accordingly