En Tecnópole offers 255,000 m² of land distributed in plots of different sizes for construction of industrial, technological or service buildings.
A space made up of versatile real estate and a wide range of business, telecommunication and financial services where the link between their companies is fostered, wich is crucial for the park to be the innovative ecosystem that it is.The closest market is defined by a central core composed of a wide range of local companies (Galicia-Norte de Portugal) in the expansion phase and multinationals with regional operations.
Tecnópole is currently offering five plots of business land, about 37,000 m², for half the price: about 35,00€/m².
Each plot is equipped with the following services:
  • Drinking water supply network.
  • Fire fighting network with a pressure of 3 Kg/m².
  • Non-drinkable water irrigation network for green areas exclusively.
  • Ducting for medium voltage if the demand for power exceeds the limit of 40 Kw.
  • Point of connection for low voltage to a maximum power of 40 Kw equipped with corresponding protections. For the area of large parcels ducting for low voltage is from the nearest CT.
  • Telecommunications ducting linked to the nearest distribution centre.
  • Sewage manholes.
  • Water manholes.
In addition the entire perimeter is enclosed with a fence. It is also equipped with video surveillance cameras 24 hours a day with permanent recording.
Tecnópole offers entrepreneurs the possibility to of acquiring industrial land through different financing options:
  • Surface Right Contract: A right that allows the holder to build on the property obtaining ownership of the building for 30 years. The assignee is to pay the assignor an annual fee in 12 monthly payments, in the amount of 1.5% of the sale price during the first five years and 2.5% of the sale price in the following years. The surface right contract includes the right to purchase the plot and 40% of the amount previously paid in surface rights will be discounted from the total sale price.
  • Lease- purchase: A 10 years lease with de option to purchase.
  • Deferred payment sale: An option which makes it possible to buy with a down payment of 20% of the contract price and the reamining 80% in a period of 6 years.
  • Plots map

Access Conditions for Plots

Plot selling record begins with the application by the interested company through the means established by the managing company of Tecnópole, preferably through the form "Plot Application".
The company Parque Tecnolóxico de Galicia S.A., in order to ensure the normal operation of the Park, has the responsibility of establishing the conditions of impact of overhead costs of services to users, tenants or owners of plots in Tecnópole. This amount may be revised annually upward or downward depending on the evolution of the cost of services offered

Building development regulations

Volume conditions

  • he maximum building height shall be 13, 50 meters measured in the centre of the façade to the upper face of the last slab or, taut line in trusses. You will be allowed to exceed this height in duly justified specific to the technology park unique buildings. In the case of basement and semi-basement are permitted without counting development potential
  • Maximum development potential, 1.5 m2/m2 or 5.5 m3/m2.
  • Occupation on the ground. Construction may not occupy more than 50% of the surface of the plot which is located. It must be expected inside the plots the space required for parking and loading and unloading operations. The minimum provision of parking inside the plot will be a parking space for each 100m2 of building.
  • Minimum setbacks. The minimum setbacks that must meet the buildings to be built will be the following:
    to public area - 10 m
    to the adjoining plot - 5 m.
    This measure shall run from the corresponding plot limit.
  • Alignments. No alignment is defined unless it is deduced from the conditions of minimum distance to edification.
  • Cornice ledges. In the auction of crowning cornice it is allowed the execution of ledges above the level of the cornice, and can be filled up to the height of 1, 00 m and laid rails up to 1, 20 m on the flush.
  • Chimneys. Unless justified they will not exceed 2, 00 m above ridge level.
  • Overhangs. Flights maximum of 1.00 m above the corresponding to the setbacks lining minimum will be allowed.
  • Canopies. The design of canopies located on the ground floor of the buildings must be carried out according to the following criteria:
    • the height above ground is at least 3, 5 m, and may not exceed the height of the slab that never forming ground floor ceiling.
    • the maximum flight over the resulting alignment of the minimum setback shall be 2.00 meters
  • The placement of signs on ground and higher floors and auction of buildings are permitted provided that they correspond to a design in line with the image of the Park.

Aesthetic conditions

  • The plastic composition of the buildings will tend to the resolution of the buildings using high tech materials, in line with the image of a technology park being valued in this sense the glazed facade surfaces.
  • As for prohibited materials is not allowed the use of weak or easy detaching materials as well as imitations and distortion of materials.
  • It is forbidden the use of asbestos cement to cover if this is to be in sight.
  • Both the medians and parameters susceptible to further extension must be treated as a facade and must deliver equal quality as the main finished work.
  • Labels allowed with municipal approval.
  • Parameters of the basement facade may not be solid in its entirety.
  • It will be allowed a continuous base of a maximum height of 0, 50m

Health, safety and accessibility conditions

  • The health conditions of the buildings shall comply with the provisions laid down in the relevant labour and health legislation.
  • The health conditions of the buildings shall comply with the provisions laid down in the relevant labour and health legislation.
  • According to ventilation and lighting conditions the regulation in force will be applied for all types of buildings.
  • To ensure waterproofing of buildings, exterior parameters will end with materials appropriate to this effect and a minimum of guaranteed duration of 10 years.
  • Both the evacuation of waste water from buildings and the collection of rainwater will be conducted to the main networks of the Park.
  • The conditions of accessibility in buildings shall be fulfilled according to Decreto 286/192 de 8 de octubre, about accessibility and removal of barriers.

Plot Application

You can indicate a preference for a particular plot
Specify the approximate m² that would need
En nombre de la empresa tratamos la información que nos facilita con el fin de prestarles el servicio solicitado. Los datos proporcionados se conservarán mientras se mantenga la relación comercial o durante el tiempo necesario para cumplir con las obligaciones legales. Los datos no se cederán a terceros salvo en los casos en que exista una obligación legal. Usted tiene derecho a obtener confirmación sobre si en PARQUE TECNOLÓXICO DE GALICIA, SA estamos tratando sus datos personales por tanto tiene derecho a acceder a sus datos personales, rectificar los datos inexactos o solicitar su supresión cuando los datos ya no sean necesarios. Puede tener acceso a información adicional sobre cómo tratamos sus datos en la sección Política de Protección de Datos, en esta misma página web.