Terms of Use

The biotechnology laboratory is a specialized service to support researching activities that allows its users to enjoy all benefits and the freedom it offers its own laboratory without incurring the high costs of acquisition and maintenance of the equipments.
Best practices – user is expected to perform appropriate use of laboratory resources as it is also offered a Manual of Good Practice.
All inclusive – The cleaning, equipment maintenance and running costs (electricity, water, compressed air, vacuum, etc...) associated with the use of the facilities are included in the rate.
Good condition guaranteedTecnópole has a plan for preventive and corrective maintenance of equipment and facilities to ensure its smooth operation and availability of a repair service in case of failure.
Maximum security – The Tecnópole Maintenance Department is responsible for ensuring the security of the facility by:
  • Personal access system through electronic cards.
  • Entry and exit Control.
  • Video surveillance service and night security.
Feel at home – The laboratory is equipped so that it is possible the locked storage of own equipment, samples and material owned by users, thus avoiding the continuous, time-consuming and even dangerous transfer of resources.
Open to requests – Users are able to participate in the process of continuous improvement of the facilities applying the purchase of new equipment.
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