Timetable and conditions

The space is open daily from 7.00 am to 23.00 pm all year-round .
To have access to this room you have to fill in an application for access that will be put to an immediate selection system carried out by the Commission's assessment to check
  • the technological / innovative carácter
  • growth potencial
  • market orientation
of the activities to develop in the coworking space.
If you could not get your site by excess of occupation you will be taken to the waiting list and you will be informed of the availability of space as soon as possible.
When you have gained access to the space, your activity should be governed by the Internal Regulation which is only a series of basic rules of operation and coexistence.
At certain times of the year, due to staff vacations, the coworking space may only be available for the entities related to the Tecnópole companies.